A Simple Guide To Making Your SMS Messaging Compliant

Instant messaging has been the standard medium of communication for businesses for years. It’s reliable, convenient to use, and has millions of users worldwide. Still, there are regulations established meant for instant message monitoring since these contain sensitive transactions and customer information. It is crucial to ensure that your business remains compliant with these rules to avoid consequences.

There are many ways you can optimize your business’ text messaging practices. From using a text message archiver to enforcing policies, here are some ways to remain compliant.

Obtain Your Customer’s Consent

Sending SMS messages is one of the most efficient marketing strategies to boost your company’s presence. However, you can’t just start sending promotional texts without your recipient’s consent. You are required to inform your customer’s consent first that you plan to send them marketing texts through the following:

  • Physical sign-up consent, where the customer will sign a form with clearly stated terms.
  • Politely request customers to input their numbers on your website. Ensure that terms are stated and transparent.
  • Use keyword-based advertisement that includes the terms.

Make Use Of Opt-In And Out

Your customers should have the freedom to decide how long they want to receive texts from your firm. After all, the ability to opt-out must be included in the consent you provided to avoid future messages being sent. 

Enforce Company Policies

Your employees should know what you allow and don’t when using text messaging for work. Often, they might use text messaging for purposes other than official, which could breach security. Inform your workers about the rules established by organizations and your company’s policies and ensure they follow them.

Use Archiving Solutions

The best way to remain compliant with rules set up by organizations like FINRA is by capturing and retaining messages sent and received by the company. These gathered data cannot be tampered with nor manipulated and are helpful in situations where investigations might be needed. Third-party companies such as LeapXpert provide effective archiving solutions for every messaging platform; don’t hesitate to partner with them.

If you need help archiving the hundreds of text messages flooding your inbox regularly, visit LeapXpert at their website to get started.

Hrant Gruff
the authorHrant Gruff