Charlo Barbosa Releases Beta Of Tournament Management Platform

Charlo Barbosa has recently released his new Tournament Management Platform (TPM), engaging the developing industry, bringing a new world of enhancements to the eSports gaming community as we know it.  The debut of the Tournament Management Platform comes as a relief to many publishers and developers who are looking for other avenues to provide revenue for their ventures.

Charlo Barbosa intends on not only providing revenue to the developers but also the gamers. The gamers get a chance to be involved in competitive play throughout the platform and get an opportunity to put their skills to the test against other players for an actual money wager.

This not only gives gamers a chance to earn some extra loot but gives them a chance to tout their status on the leaderboards. Charlo Barbosa’s platform provides loyalty rewards, player rankings, top-notch customer service, and a one-of-a-kind tournament classification system.

Charlo Barbosa is about to change the modern-day tournament gaming world. All of this is possible due to providers such as Amazon Web Services and MongoDB Atlas, which Charlo Barbosa has partnered with in putting out this platform.

This platform provides both Android and iOS users with a platform to compete in, with games ranging in categories from casual to racier-themed.

All this comes with a need to compete against console and PC versions of eSports. Charlo Barbosa felt as if there was a need for the mobile platform to explore competitive gaming and bring it into the market.

The public version of the beta program has released Solitaire for now but plans on coming out with more games to be able to compete in, in the future. Charlo Barbosa plans to revolutionize the world of mobile sports competition as we know it.

Depending on the game played, gameplay ranges from head-to-head competition to large-scale tournaments within the platform. The competition provides developers a cut of the proceeds that compete, while the winners also win their portion of the proceeds. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

As long as developers have a Unity-based game, they can combine their game with the SDK, and then it will empower them to reap the benefits that come with having a revenue stream attached to their game.

Developers have long complained their in-game sales were not up to par. As a result, they have been on the constant search for ways to make money from their efforts. Charlo Barbosa finally gives publishers the opportunity to make proceeds of all of their hard work and dedication that they provided gamers with for all these years.

Not only does this increase revenue, but this attracts a whole new world of possible gamers that will consider playing these games for the simple fact that they can win money competing.

If you are a gamer at heart, you can actually make proceeds now off all that hard-earned time you put into honing your craft in your favorite game. Kudos to Charlo Barbosa for putting out a coming-of-age platform for both gamers and developers to enjoy.

Hrant Gruff
the authorHrant Gruff