How to Conduct Virtual AGM Polling

Unlike the Annual General Meetings of old, where all members or shareholders were required to be present for holding a meeting in-person. It would be pertinent to mention here that polling has been an important aspect of your AGMs. Therefore, every member or shareholder should be present in the meeting to conduct a poll on an important point. However, not all members would be present at the time of the meeting held in-person. Therefore, a few missing shareholders or members of the board would hamper the polling process. What would you do in such a scenario? You should consider AGM Polling virtually.

Having a virtual AGM and polling would make taking decisions on an important aspect or point relatively simple. In a virtual AGM, you would be required to attend the meeting digitally. It would imply that you do not have to be physically present, but virtually attend the meeting with all other shareholders present virtually as well. It would be in your best interest to conduct the polls virtually by asking every member or a limited number of members to cast their vote online. The platform would provide you with a unique landing page for polling in real-time and seeking instant results.

Hrant Gruff
the authorHrant Gruff