Web Freezes – How to Fix Internet Freeze in Your Computer

Billions of individuals use web for surfing, downloading, instruction, work or business. With the spread of the WWW and Internet, number of substitute internet browsers has expanded. One picks an internet browser dependent on his preferences or abhorrences and level of mastery. Different highlights of the programs like commercials, brand character, changes in appearance and the general safety efforts force the client to attempt it and be a proceeded with client.

Web freezing issue is one of the baffling issues that we day by day endure. I will talk about the stunts that prevent your program from freezing.


1. Clear the Browser Cache and the History

2. Reset the default settings

3. Fix and Defrag the Registry

4. Cripple Unnecessary Toolbars and Extensions

5. Cripple Unnecessary Extensions

6. Cripple Loading the Images

Clear the Web Browser Cache and the History

Internet browser reserve stores the duplicates of the sites that you most regularly visit.

Hrant Gruff
the authorHrant Gruff