What Is Co-Managed IT?

Co-managed IT services are gaining popularity because they allow businesses more control and flexibility over their investments while still having access and expertise from outside sources. This will enable companies to reap the benefits of having an IT department that is fully functional without needing additional staff or incurring high costs. 

Co-Managed IT Solutions

Many fully managed IT services prioritizecritical tasks from local IT departments. This can streamline operations but frustrate staff who feel they are losing control over essential functions like security and integration, access management, etc.

The approach to co-managed services is different. Experts work with IT teams to identify issues, develop customized strategies, and find the best solutions. Your IT staff can align technology services and business strategies with this partnership. They can either keep tasks in-house or assign them on demand.

Although every provider managed by co-management is unique, there are some common service categories:

Strategic planning: IT departments are integral to a long-term business strategy. Your company can benefit from co-managed IT professionals who will help it develop the best-fit plan that combines talent and technology to produce reliable, measurable results.

Active automation: IT staff can quickly become overwhelmed by the number of tasks they have to do and the upcoming technology developments. Co-managed IT solutions allow your team to have what they want most, time. They automate essential functions like routine maintenance and reporting.

Expertise:Your co-managed IT partner is there to help you when you need it. It is easy to access a large and highly skilled IT department when you need it.

Access to advanced technology: From asset and customer management to software and solutions for device life-cycle management, co-managed IT gives your team access to cutting-edge tools that can handle enterprise-level needs.

Workload distribution: Get help from experienced IT staff to reduce your workload. Co-managed solutions allow your IT team to distribute critical tasks more efficiently, from 24/7 monitoring to dedicated help desks.

Gap coverage: Employees move on to other jobs, and even the most talented IT teams can be affected by expert attrition. Employee vacations and staff calling in sick can also pose challenges for teams. The workload challenges with staff calling in sick or taking breaks can also be a problem for teams.

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